The group’s beginnings can be traced to 1999 with the formation of Ludus Gladiatorius a gladiatorial reenactment group that mostly did shows with the already established LEG II AVG.

Ludus trained in HMS Collingwood with members from Warcraft, the stage combat arm of the HMS Collingwood theatre group the RSC (Random Salad Company). With a mixed membership of both societies meeting to train and fight together at events it was decided by group vote in September 2007 to join the two societies membership and officially become known as Deeds of Arms in January 2008.

Ever since then the society has gone from strength to strength enjoying shows up and down the country and occasionally in Europe as well as some TV/documentary work.

Continually looking to evolve the hobby we stopped gladiatorial events in 2014 and launched the HMS Temeraire Gun Deck Experience in 2016.