What do you do with your weekends?

Joining is straight forward, leaving can be harder.

To join us we would recommend the simplest thing to do it to contact us. However, in the meantime below are a few questions and answers.


Who are you?

We are a family based society that specialises in the history of the 1360s and late 18th Century Naval life. Based in Hampshire, UK.

The society is made up of four committee members and other society members. The committee meet once a month to look after the day to day running of the society, however any major decisions are generally put to the group before any conclusions are made to make sure that the hobby is as inclusive as we can make it.


What do you do?

Primarily we display history and entertain visitors for a customer at their, normally, historic site. Occasionally we may do other private events, but mostly our efforts are directed towards historic presentation on a customers site. We do this through living history, display, entertainment and arena events. Usually this is carried out over a weekend.


Do I need any equipment or costume?

If you are new to the hobby and have no equipment at all we will do all we can to get you up and running by loaning you spare costume from other society members. However, like all hobbies the more you would like to get involved the more you will have to eventually buy, over time. However to get started a willing attitude and the ability to get to the events is pretty much all you will need and we can get you involved.

After a short while we have various schemes and discounted contacts in and out of the society to get you up and running in your own costume with the minimum of expenditure.

If you have already been involved with reenactment we simply ask to have a look through the equipment you have to ensure that it’s in-line with our interpretation of the given period and safety standards.


Do I need any experience?

None at all.


Will it cost me anything?

There are subs for membership and attending our fight training; should you wish to fight in the area events. The annual membership subs ensure that you are covered by the group insurance, legal cover and can attend our events; as well access to any subsidised social events the group may run.


Are my children welcome? 

Absolutely. We encourage family members to come to any given event as it adds to the atmosphere. We just ask that they are in period costume and are supervised by their parents/guardian at all times until they are 18 or over. Due to insurance purposes they will not be allowed to fight in the shows or handle weapons out of instructor supervision until they are 18 or over.


Do you train?

Only our combatants meet to train to ensure that they are safe (for themselves and the viewing public) when fighting at the shows. All of our fighting is rehearsed so regular training is imperative to achieve this. We ask that none combatants can attend one training session at the beginning of the year just to get an idea of how we fight and what to look out for during these more dangerous parts of the show.


Why do you use stage combat?

There are several ways to demonstrate historic combat, we have chosen to use stage combat as we believe it allows us to better demonstrate the often lethal techniques used by our original counterparts. Attacks and counter attacks which we might not otherwise be able to safely display are the mainstay of the group’s demonstrations. It also means that we can repeat sequences for camera over and over again, allowing one or two camera teams to get multiple takes for edit when filming.


What should I do next

If you still want to get involved, contact us and we can get talking.